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Throw Me Throw Me

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't know what I pressed

Something on the keyboard I pressed trying to find a key that slows down the frame rate caused a glitch in the game. all of the sudden when I got stuck to a wrecking ball, the power meter was through the roof and not moving, i was confused and as soon as I hit the spacebar it launched me completely off the top of the screen and there was nothing but black and the star trail coming off of me. I thought I screwed the game up but in actuallity I had launched myself up to about 30,000 mph and my distance and height and length were skyrocketing. eventually gravity got a hold and started to pull me back down and I guess somehow the way this game works is if you're not getting any distance in length then it's game over so since gravity eventually pulled me to where I was falling at a straight downward angle that was it. I ended with a best of over 423,000. I tried it a second time but this time when I came down at a straight downward angle I kept going thinking that i would hit the ground and bounce a bit further and possibly hit another wrecking ball and get launched even farther but here's the kicker, there is no more ground after that much of a distance, it's gone! instead you fall into negative feet. That was wierd! I wonder how many others have found this glitch.

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